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Reserves & Copyright Policy

Reserve Guidelines

We invite you to place items on reserve in the library for students to use throughout the term. The purpose of a reserve collection is to make scarce resources available to many users, not to hold materials for one person or to ensure their security. When you bring in selected material to be placed on reserve, this short list of guidelines may be of some help. Your assistance in following these guidelines will enable the processing of reserves to go smoothly for all of us.

To process your reserves as quickly as possible, please:

  1. Choose your reserve material carefully. Every term, we process some reserve items that are never used, needlessly slowing down the process for everyone. Also, please make sure we have the material, unless you intend to provide it. If it needs to be ordered, give us at least eight weeks to receive it.
  2. Bring your materials to us BEFORE the first day of classes. Earlier than that helps even more. We can promise anything delivered to us before August 15 for fall term and December 19 for winter term will be ready for use by the first day of the term. Throughout the term, please allow us at least two days to process materials before they are to be used. We want your reserve material to be available to your students as soon as they ask for it, and we appreciate your help in this endeavor.
  3. Make sure the information you give us about the material matches the titles and authors itemized on your syllabus. Students are not always clear about what they are supposed to read, and matching the syllabus to the reserve list enables us to help them read the correct material. We would appreciate having a copy of your syllabus along with your reserve list.

Copyright Guidelines

Please be aware that copyright law (Title 19, United States Code) restricts the number of duplicate photocopies we are allowed to have and still meet the criteria for fair use. Two is the recommended maximum in a college this size. We are not allowed to place copied material on reserve for more than one class or for more than one term without obtaining permission. More information on copyright and fair use can be viewed at the college's copyright web page.