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Vogel Library / Policies / Archives

Vogel Library Archives Use Policy

Archival materials are, by their nature, rare, often irreplacable, and sometimes fragile. The following precautions have been instituted to ensure these objects are protected:

  • Archival materials are non-circulating
  • Arrangements can be made to examine archival materials in the Reading Room
  • Duplication services are available for some objects
  • Researchers must provide sufficient notice that the archive has time to make requested objects available
  • Researchers must maintain the arrangement of archival materials as they examine
  • Researchers are responsible for the archival materials they examine
  • Archival materials cannot be removed from the Reading Room

Archives Acquisition Policy

In carrying out its mission, the Wartburg College Archives is responsible for the collection and preservation of records that document the college's history, development, operation, policies, activities, and events. All donated materials become the permanent property of the archives.

A. Materials accepted:

  1. Noncurrent records of administrative, academic, student, and alumni departments and organizations. These may include minutes, annual reports, correspondence, budget and financial statistics, personnel records, registrar records, accreditation.
  2. All official college publications such as catalogs, yearbooks, newspapers, literary magazines, departmental brochures, alumni publications, event programs, and posters.
  3. Materials written by faculty, staff, students, administrators, and alumni.
  4. Maps, blueprints, and other information about campus buildings.
  5. Photographs, audio-visual materials or artifacts of college events.

B. Materials not accepted:

  1. Materials concerned solely with Waverly, Iowa or the Lutheran Church in general.
  2. Materials requiring special housing or skills for preservation beyond archival resources.
  3. Materials simply because they were owned by someone associated with the college.
  4. German books or German Bibles unless they meet the requirements of the acquisitions policy.

C. Archival materials are accepted by donation only.

D. A maximum of two copies of any item will be retained.

E. Materials may be deaccessioned due to irrelevance, duplication, or irreparable condition.

F. The Archivist is responsible for determining what material will be accepted.

Wartburg College - 100 Wartburg Blvd. - Waverly, IA 50677