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Vogel Library / Policies / Acquisitions

Vogel Library Collection Development

The mission of the Vogel Library at Wartburg is to educate students using information literacy as our foundation so that they will become lifelong learners. The collection is an important tool in the service of that mission.

Materials selected for the Vogel Library implement, enrich, and support the educational program at Wartburg College.  Materials must serve both the breadth of the curriculum and the needs and interests of individual students and faculty.  The library is obligated to provide for a wide range of differing points of view.  To this end, principles must be placed above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality and appropriateness.

The following criteria shall be used as a guide in selecting material.
Highest priority will be given to:
  • Materials which directly support college coursework and are current
  • Works which are of such importance that they should be in all academic collections

High priority will be given to:

  • Material of a broad cultural nature or of widespread current interest which may or may not support specific college programs
  • Resources selected to help students gain an awareness of our pluralistic society
  • Resources selected to maintain a diverse collection representing various views

Medium priority will be given to:

  • Materials that support, to a limited extent, faculty research needs and the needs of administrative staff in the performance of their duties
  • Older materials which have appeared in standard selection tools
  • Recreational reading

In addition:

  • Learning resources shall meet high standards of quality in authenticity, educational significance, physical format, readability, and technical quality
  • Materials purchased will be primarily in English unless in support of a foreign language class

The following kinds of material should be selected for the library:

  • Materials integral to the instructional programs of Wartburg College
  • Materials appropriate for college level students
  • Materials reflecting the interests and needs of the students and faculty served by Vogel Library
  • Materials warranting inclusion in the collection because of their literary and/or artistic value and merit
  • Materials presenting information with the greatest degree of accuracy and clarity possible

Materials representing a fair and unbiased presentation of information.  In controversial areas, materials are to be selected that represent as many shades of opinion as possible.

To recommend a title for purchase contact one of the librarians or complete the Recommendation Form. For further inquiries about the policy contact the College Librarian by calling (319) 352-8500.

Wartburg College - 100 Wartburg Blvd. - Waverly, IA 50677